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I have spent the last few weekends waiting for THAT phone call you
know the one from the Handler to report how your cocker did.
For the first time in 12 years, I am sidelined from showing for awhile
so we sent our girl Ashley out with Joe Payne.

Crestrail's Winds Of Change at the Texas shows this weekend.
She was WB/BW on Friday and BV Saturday-

'Ashley' and Uncle Joe share kisses

Our major win picture from her first show weekend.
Ashley was also WB for 2 points her first day in the ring that weekend.
Thank you Terry Stacy for this win!
She loved the ring so much that the 2nd day after
she finished her class and I was leading her out another class went in
and was moving around the ring, Ashley slipped her lead and ran back into the ring,
and proceeded to gait around with the other entry..
until they stopped and I finally caught her.
Oh I think a star is born..
she sure loved the ring and the attention.

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed -
Breeders Sweeps at ASC Cocker National Show this past week.
Thank you April Stitch for this wonderful win with our Ashley.

SIRE:Am.Ch.Crestrail Prime Focus
~ DAM:Am.Ch.Crestrail's Wind B'neath My Wings


Grand Parents

Great Grandparents


Crestrail's Prime Focus


B.Mac's N Lil Peoples Prime Choice

BISS.Int.Am .Ch.

B'Mac's Quick Draw McGraw

B'Mac's Lotty Dotty


Crestrail's Montana Sky ROM.HT.


Homespun's Totally Awesome


C.T.C.s Hey Look Me Over LOM.


Crestrail's Wind B'neath My Wings


Crestrail's Show Me The Money


B'mac's A Run For The Money


Crestrail's Montana Sky ROM-HT.


Crestrail's Wind River


B'Mac's A Run For The Money

Crestrail's RC and Moonpie

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